Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A day at Koffie Warung Tinggi!

'Chocolate is yet the best friend, it reduced your stressed and keeps you happy through its magic.' - Lady Andrea

sorry for not posted anything these two weeks, but todaaaay, I will post something that happens to be hyped nowadays, something choco, something import-ish.
Guess what? yes, Martabak Koffie Warung Tinggi which sell Martabak Ovomaltine, Martabak Toblerone, Martabak Ferrero Rocher and maaaany more!

I happen to realize that Martabak Ovomaltine is going to be the Next Nutella. Whatever made of Ovomaltine has being trend and got the positive responds such as Nutella in 2013. And of course seeing that opportunity, restaurants and cafes are trying harder right now, to pack it as lovely as it could.

Before I start to review, I'd like to share about my knowledge about Ovomaltine and friends (could I say it to make it faster?) which are soooo tempting.

Ovomaltine's variant products
Ovomaltine was not a new brand, it was once only produced and consumed in Switzerland and even has been there for beyond the 80s! The real ones (at that time) was bitter and no sugar added. It was once popular because of its hot chocolate milk, but look, right now Ovomaltine even has its Ice Cream, and still on top, every aspects of it. That's why, Koffie Warung Tinggi chose Ovomaltine to be the main ingredient and now, has-never-been-lost-its-long-queue morning 'til night, awesome right?

I came to Martabak Koffie Tinggi at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town (mistakely) in a public holiday, and tadaaaaa, i have to wait more than 20minutes to finally arrived at the top cashier. They only have one cashier, one queue line, but seriously it was pretty long, and I've seen some people chose to quit the line and looking for something else (I was about too, honestly, but Thank God it was worth the end).

Basically, they sell a plain Martabak, so we have to buy it first to add the variant flavor we want, it was a little confusing at first, but through an explanation, I finally understand it.

The New Flavors' Display Samples
I was confused because everything looks tasty, but finally I chose something hit, Martabak Ovomaltine!

to make it a little tempting, I chose to snap it half ;;)

And the other ones, (I searched it at google because mine was blurry), Martabak Ferrero Rocher!

Yes, they were THAT tempting and I don't have any idea to reject them (even when I know it contains fat), but it was worth all in the end, and the price is also worth. Here is the List of Price:

What i found great was the Martabak Bar that allows us to see the Martabak's making.

Luckily i snapped it right away and sneaked what they did down there, it was a pleasured to see how something that tasted good be made, and because it was freshly made, i was kind of appreciate it more.

Lasttt, come and visit them if you interested, they are open everyday at 10am - 10pm!

Happy visiting, and Think Dessertly guys!

Koffie Warung Tinggi
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
East Mall Level 5
CP : (021) 23580312

review by: Lady Andrea


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