Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Caffé Bene simply pleasure time

'Is anyone happen to reject such a beautiful ice-shaved? You may reject love, but that can never applied to desserts.' - Lady Andrea

I'm back with a new dessert review.
This time, i'll write a review about a Korean Dessert Coffee Shop, yes it is.

Caffé Bene Lotte Shopping Avenue!

The main reason i picked it is actually because i was curious with their main menu, the Bingsu!

It has (recently) five variant flavors; Red Bean Bingsu, Strawberry Bingsu, Coffee Bingsu, Green Tea Bingsu, and their newest flavor, Cookies and Cream Bingsu. All of them are made of different toppings and ingredients, the base ingredients are same but the following are different, but note it, they are all zuper good!

When i was entered their shop, they were greeted me with a korean greeting such as 'Annyonghasaeo' and it was simply introducing their Korean based. and i was looking at this at my first arrival.

The Cashier was so nice, i've asked soooo many things because it was my first time trial, and he was kindly introduced their menu and the most favorite ones there.
And also, he was showed me these samples replica. yes, they are definitely so big! (He said it was actually for 3-4 persons)

He also said they are introducing their new menus all about Cookies and Cream right now, so i finally decided to choose Cookies and Cream Bingsu (which hasn't been added in the samples), because all my friends who have been here said that the green tea is the best seller, and i thought it must be tasty for sure so i don't have to try, and because it's a new variant flavor, that's why i was more curious to try it.

For the extra dessert, i choose my mom's favorite; Blueberry Cheese Waffle. the name was soooo tempting, and his explanation about this one was also promising, so i decided to try this one.
Not so long after i paid my orders, they were coming to my table.

My most awaited after all; the almighty Cookies and Cream Bingsu!

I should say that i was still shocked to see this, even after i saw the replica. it was bigger than your face, and it is, definitely served for 3-4 persons (while i was only with my mom). But surelyyyy, it tasted good! First it was plain, a bit. but you have to mix it until the ice blend with the cookies perfectly, and they gonna melted anyway, so it tasted like Oreo Milkshake (but a little bit rougher) and it was so good.
The ones who said the Green Tea Bingsu was the best seller should try this, because in my opinion it also tasted good:)

The second (and extra) dessert; Blueberry and Cheese Waffle!

No, it wasn't an ice cream, IT was a cheese. wholy-cheese.
and yes, it's a bit (or maybe too) salty. The blueberry was good, but maybe it should be more blueberry so the saltness would recover, but the waffle grilled perfectly and crunched. the rest is okay, the visual is also okay, besides the plate which looked too big for the small waffle. But, it actually wasn't bad, at all.

The place was so comfy, supported by the homey environment, and a library-alike concept, i really enjoyed my time there.

It was a pleasured time in Caffé Bene and i surely gonna come back sometime:)
Cheers - Think Dessertly!

Caffé Bene
Lotte Shopping Avenue
Lower Ground Floor, Ciputra World
Jl. Prof Dr Satrio, Karet, Jakarta

CP: 021 29888950


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